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Charitable Donations in Buffalo, New York

Bibles, Charitable Donations in Buffalo, NY

Christian Man, Scripture Grants in Buffalo, NY

Additional income for our mission comes from denominational grants and direct contributions from individuals, churches, and ministries/organizations. Support our nonprofit organization in Buffalo, New York, with your charitable donations and scripture grants.

Scripture Grants
As funds permit, we offer scriptures to qualified organizations, programs, and ministries at a reduced cost or for free. Application forms are available upon request. We may also refer you to other scripture granting programs, but your request must be for a program that is currently engaged in the scriptures. Certain other limitations are explained in the grant application.

What You Need to Know
 • We Do Not Provide Monetary Grants
 • Scripture Portions, Tracts, & Leaflets May Be Available for Free or at Nominal Costs
 • Contributions Are Appreciated for Quantity Requests

We Welcome Donations
To help us cover the expense of distributing Bibles at cost or completing grants for others, we need your charitable donations. Your financial aid greatly helps us continue our important endeavor.




Contact us to donate to our nonprofit Christian Ministry to make a difference in the lives of others.